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Toro Aramide is a famous and respected Nigerian-born producer and actress. She is prominent for featuring in the 2019 Yoruba movie titled Ogoji, starring Mercy Aigbe.

As a producer, she has helped many actors develop their talents in the entertainment industry. She holds acting in high esteem and feels disappointed when men and women see actresses as sexual objects.

The Nollywood industry has produced many prominent personalities, of which Torolicious is one.

Toro Aramide
Toro Aramide biography
Toro Aramide is an eminent Nigeria-born actress and producer.
Quick Facts
Name:Toro Aramide
Other name:Torolicious
Occupation:Actress, producer, writer
Popular for:Ogoji
Years Active:2019-date
Net Worth:US$650,000

Early Life

Toro Aramide was born in Nigeria, a country in West Africa. She started displaying her interest in acting as a child confidently without the help of anyone.

While in school, she joined societies that gained her more experience and insight. She featured in many stage plays and represented her school.

After entering the Nollywood movie industry, she burst into the limelight.


Toro Aramide has not disclosed her primary, high school, and university. Although hearing her speak, it is crystal clear that she had a good education.


Mrs. Aramide started her professional acting career after appearing in a film. She is best known for featuring in the Nollywood film Ogoji, which she produced and appeared in about three scenes.

As a writer and producer, she the brain behind the movie Eniobanke. In February 2020, she was working on another film.

Although the Nollywood industry is full of challenges, she has recorded success. Toro is one of the most respected female actresses and producers in Nigeria.

In the entertainment industry, many women face a common challenge of sexualization.

According to reports, many female actresses couldn’t make it far for refusing to offer promoters sex.

Toro has noticed this challenge for upcoming actresses. In an interview, she says that many see actresses as sexual objects. Many try to throw advances at these celebrities regardless of their relationship status.

Mrs. Aramide says that there are other acting roles she would blatantly reject. Among them are those that would affect her mental health or ethics.

Social Media

Toro Aramide is active on social media and has continued to build a strong fanbase. On these platforms, she posts about her work, personal life, achievements, and career highlights.

On her Instagram profile, she has over 40k followers. She is an avid lover of fashion. She chooses simplicity and appears in dresses that look good and comfortable.

Personal Life

Toro Aramide is happily married to the man she loves. She is a mother of three children. 

Although she keeps details about her union under the wraps, her marriage has been smooth. She has a supportive family and shows appreciation for each opportunity that comes.

However, being a wife, mother, and actress has not been easy. But her family shows her love, support, and encouragement that has taken her far.

Toro lives in the United Kingdom and is an indoor personality.

Toro Aramide and Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe is Toro Aramide’s best friend who played a significant role in her career. Toro had to delay entering the movie world because of her family and kids.

Though she waited, it did not affect her much. She knew that she had what to survive in Nollywood. When she was ready to start, Toro contacted her BFF Mercy Aigbe, asking if she could coordinate a script.

In late January 2022, Toro slammed Mercy Aigbe for engaging an already married man Kazim Adeoti.

Net Worth

Toro Aramide has an estimated net worth of US$650,000 as of June 2022. She has produced many movies and acted in others, which has earned her a fortune.

The UK-based actress has grown to be a prominent personality in Nollywood.

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