Here at Naij News, we take our privacy very seriously. We are very conscious of the information, especially the personal ones you share with us.

Routine Information Collection

Each time you access any website, including Naij News, through a browser, information is stored automatically.

Information tracked by these web servers includes IP addresses, Brower details, referring URLs, and time stamps.

However, your personal information is not shared in this information. So, Naij News does not have any of your personal information except the ones you willingly submitted.

We will never share personal information with a third party except at your request or for legal purposes.


Naij News does not store visitors’ preferences and history using cookies. 

However, our advert partners and other agents, including your browsers, may use cookies and web beacons for a well-targeted advert.

Each time you visit a site like Naij News, these web beacons store information from your site like; IP Address, service provider, and other information.

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