Peter Fatomilola Biography: Everything About the Legendry Actor

Chief Peter Fatomilola (born January 16, 1946) is a Nigerian actor, playwright, and poet. He is best known for playing an herbalist in Nollywood movies.

The 76-year-old stands out with his knowledge of herbs and the customs and traditions of the Yoruba people.

According to Nigerian Finder, Chief Peter revealed that these roles have some attributes of him in real life. He has been in the industry for decades.

Peter Fatomilola
Peter Fatomilola biography
Fatomilola was born in the town of Ifisin-Ekiti in the Ido-Osi Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria.
Quick Facts
Name:Peter Fatomilola
Born:January 16, 1946 (age 76 years)
Place of Birth:Ekiti State, Nigeria
Parents:Chief Abraham Ojo Fatomilola, Mrs. Elizabeth Fatomilola
Alma mater:Obafemi Awolowo University
Occupation:Playwright, Poet, Nollywood actor
Known for:Sango

Peter Fatomilola Biography

Chief Peter Fatomilola is a veteran Nollywood actor, prolific playwright, and poet. He was born on January 16, 1946, in Ifisin-Ekiti in Ido-Osi LGA, Ekiti State.

Fatomilola belongs to the Yoruba ethnic group, a descendant of Oduduwa. He has basic knowledge of customs, traditions, and rites of Yoruba.

Early Life

Peter is the son of Chief Abraham Ojo Fatomilola, a prominent herbalist. He was the Olu Awo of his town, the head of the herbalists.

Coming from a family of Ifa worshippers influenced the roles he plays on screen. At age nine, he could interpret the Odu Ifa very well. At eighteen, Fatomilola was already a pro with Ifa and herbs.

His mother played a notable role in his formal education. Her persistence made him get an education. Going to church with his mother ignited his love for books.

At first, his mother was not happy that he chose to act. Later, she supported him and prayed for him to continue his dream. She died in December 2014.


Peter Fatomilola completed his secondary school education at Ife City Commercial College. While in secondary school, he met the playwright Olawale Gladstone Emmanuel Rotimi, best known as Ola Rotimi.

After graduating, he studied drama at the Obafemi Awolowo University.


Fatomilola fell in love with drama when he began to watch the Ose Ife festival. 

The festival is honored by Ifa worshippers. The priests would come to his father’s house. 

They would dance, sing, and play instruments. In 1967, Peter joined the Olokun Theatre group. He was a member of the academic staff of Obafemi Awolowo University. He played Papa Ajasco in the comedy-drama series Papa Ajasco and Company.

Peter featured in an epic African movie produced by Obafemi Lasode, Sango. The multifaceted actor has played the roles of a native doctor, herbalist, lawyer, prison warder, and prisoner.

Fatomilola has mentored and inspired many notable personalities in Nollywood. His contribution to the growth of the Nigerian movie industry has gained him recognition.


Peter has spent many decades in the entertainment industry. He has featured in many movies since his debut.

  • Living in Bondage, 1992
  • Omo Elemosho, 2013
  • Sango (Film), 1997
  • Osuofia in London, 2003
  • Saworoide, 1999
  • Arugba, 2008,
  • Maami, 2011
  • Ilu, 2017
  • Raise of the Saints, 2020

Personal Life

Chief Peter Fatomilola is a titled man and is the Olu Awo of Ifishin Ekiti.

He has three wives and eleven children. His children followed in his footsteps and are active in the movie industry.

One of his wives reportedly sells herbs and local concoctions at a market in Obafemi Awolowo University.


Although Fatomilola features as an herbalist on screen, he is a Christian. However, he is a descendant and practitioner of Ifa. He also knows the Quran.

The actor says that all religions serve one God but come to him in different ways. Ifa is a religion and system of divination by the Yorubas. 


In an interview, Peter Fatomilola says he cannot live in Lagos. The city is a major financial center and economic hub of Nigeria.

Though the city is a place to hustle for money, it is not a place to raise children with morals. He worked in Lagos when he played as Papa Ajasco but quit because it was far from Ife, where he stayed. He has lived in Ife, an ancient Yoruba city in Osun State, for forty years.

Net Worth

Peter Fatomilola is a veteran actor who has appeared in many Nollywood movies. Forbes is yet to estimate his net worth.

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