Best Love Come Down Hairstyles for Girls: 4 Ideas with Pictures

Schools in southwestern Nigeria are familiar with the hairstyle Love Come Down, aka Evelyn King. During my secondary school years, teachers would announce the hairstyle for the week.

Students who do not follow these styles would get punished. Most times, we would plait Love Come Down since it is easy. I observed the students wearing happy expressions each time Evelyn King was the hairstyle for the week.

Before introducing hair extensions like attachments, wigs, and others, people did their natural hair. 

Although Love Comes Down is familiar to children and teenagers, adults have also modified the hairstyle to suit them. People have been plaiting these styles for a long time.

Mothers also choose the hairstyle for their daughters during festive seasons. Apart from Love Comes Down, All back, Puff Puff, and Shuku were popular hairstyles among teenage girls.

Big girls would make tiny hairstyles styled up with beads. These hairstyles contributed to making secondary school life super memorable.

What is Love Come Down Hairstyle?

Love Come Down Hairstyle
Love come down was senior girls favorite hairstyle in my secondary school days.

It’s necessary to know the idea behind the name of Evelyn King before starting. The hairstyle is best-known as Evelyn King, three in one, or love come down in Nigeria.

Love Come Down is a three-step hairstyle. Love is the middle, come is the front, while down in the back. That is why many know it as three in one.

This lovely hairstyle started from the older generation and passed to younger generations.

How to Plait Love Come Down?

Making this hairstyle is very easy and requires less professionalism. Mothers, friends, aunties, and any female loved ones can do the hair from the comfort of their homes.

  • Comb your hair backward.
  • Divide your hair into four sections, one at the top, two in the middle, and one down.
  • Choose the section you want to plait first.
  • Make smaller portions with a comb and start. However, most people start from down.

Love Come Down Ideas for Girls

Love Come Down for Natural Hair

Love Come Down with Natural Hair
Beautiful Love Come Down Hairstyle plait by the YouTuber Laselifestyle.

Long Curly Love Come Down Without Extensions

Love Come Down
On February 24, 2020, Professorhamo listed Love Come Down among the best hairstyle for surgery.

Short Love Come Down for Without Extensions

Love Come Down short hair
Braided Love Comes Down Natural Hair Without Extensions

Love Come Down for Long Braids

Love Come Down long hair
Evelyn King is one of the best Nigerian School Hairstyles for Every Girl.

Key Take-Away

The Love Come Down hairstyle is easy that nine-year-old Oluoma plaited the hairstyle for twelve-year-old Temiloluwa.

When plaiting the hair, the front session should face forward, the middle session should face backward, and the down session should face down.

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