7+ Latest Hairstyle for Ladies in Nigeria: Top Pick for 2022

Nigerian ladies love to follow the trend by plaiting the latest hairstyles. These hairstyles are for weddings, naming ceremonies, parties, and other events.

Although most are long, We have hand-picked medium-length and short hairstyles for you. Lovers of attachments and Brazilian wool would fall in love with these styles because they appear neat.

These Nigerian hairstyles are best rocked on gowns to get that queen look. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a queen? Here are our top picks for you regardless of your face shape.

Braided Hairstyle

Before choosing the new hairstyles we want, you may want to know what Braids are.

Braiding has been a way of styling human hair for over a thousand years. Each culture, be it Nigeria, the UK, India, and others, has a peculiar way of ornamenting the hair.

These styles have passed from generation, while each generation tries to create new hairstyles. These styles can be simple or complex. Today, it is a hairstyle that many, both young ladies, single, married, or old, want to make.

Latest Hairstyle for Ladies

Half of the year 2022 has passed, and the beauty industry continues to carve out new hairstyles. With varieties in the market, it becomes confusing to choose a style.

Ladies with virgin hair shouldn’t worry since you too were in mind when choosing these trending hairstyles.

Some of the factors we considered include;

  • Duration
  • Style
  • Cost
  • Look
  • Uniqueness

1. Star Braids

Star Braids

If you want a professional design for your hair, this will be the one to plait. It leaves a unique star design at a corner of the head with the hair parked in the opposite direction. This design demands the service of an experienced hairstylist.

2. Braided Fro

Braided Fro

Braided Fro is the choice to show off your long natural hair. The virgin hairs leave that unique afro design at the back of the hair. It requires little experience for any hairstylist to plait. 

3. Braids with Beads

Braids with Beads

Although this hairstyle is common among kids and young ladies, this hairstyle is top-notch. These beads take the hairstyle from basic to advanced. For the best part, there are over ten styles you can rock the hairstyle.

4. Waves


If you want to create something similar to the male sporting waves, you will want to plait this one. The hairstyle forms curly hairs forming two rows on the head. However, it will need the service of an experienced hairdresser.

5. Shuku and Front with Beads

Shuku and Front with Beads

How about making a Nicky Minaj kind of hairstyle with attachment? Shuku and Front with beads is the best choice. To get the style, the hairstylist will have to braid the hair to create a knob at the top of the hair. The Front is plait short to the forehead level.

6. Pattern Braid with Beads

Pattern Braids with Beads

Beads are one of the best hair accessories that receive lesser emphasis. Pattern Braid hairstyle looks superb with beads. The medium-long hair demands the service of an experienced hairstylist.

7. Love Braids

Love Braids

If you want to send a message to your partner through your hairstyle, Love Braids can help. The hairstyle leaves a love sign at the side of the head. The hair demands the service of an expert in hairdressing.

Other Hairstyles

Although those are the top seven on our list, here are pictures of other trending hairstyles. 


  • Cost friendly
  • Can last for one-three months
  • Demands small to medium experience to plait
  • Go with any dress or gown
  • For any formal and informal occasion

Take Away

There you have it, our pick on the latest hairstyles for Nigerian ladies. To look good in 2022, you will need more than attachments on your hair. The hairstyle, designs, and accessories you use matter.

Picture credits: @nigerianbraidsgang, @nigerianbraids

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