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Itele d Icon (born January 1, 1980), formerly Ibrahim Yekini Bakare, is a Nigerian director, producer, actor, and scriptwriter. He featured in many films that he directed. He is also an ambassador for some top brands.

Ibrahim is a fast-rising Nollywood personality. He has featured in many English and Yoruba films. As a producer, Yekini has released over thirty movies.

The multi-award-winning actor has remained relevant for being loyal to his colleagues. He is best known for his romantic roles in movies and the vibes that come with them.

Ibrahim Yekini
Ibrahim Yekini biography
Ibrahim Yekini, popularly known as Itele d Icon started as a ring boxer.
Quick Facts
Name:Ibrahim Yekini Bakare
Other names:Itele d Icon
Born:January 1, 1980 (age 42 years old)
Place of Birth:Bariga, Lagos State
Education:Ahmadiyah Secondary School, Kano
Occupation:Director, producer, actor, scriptwriter
Wife • Spouse:Olayiwola Aminat Omowunmi
Film industry:Nollywood
Award:Best Actor at the Golden Stars Award 2021

Early Life

Ibrahim Yekini was born on January 1, 1980, in Bariga, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria. He comes from a humble beginning. He had most of his experience as a child in Kano State.

Ibrahim studied in primary and secondary schools in Kano State, Northern Nigeria. 

Although Yekini was not born with a silver spoon, he has never bothered about it. He only strives to be successful through hard work and loyalty.


Itele studied at Zawaye primary school in Kano and Ahmadiyah Secondary School, Kano. Although he has no university degree, Yekini still wants to get one.

The producer gained more experience under the tutorship of Don Richard and by attended online courses.



Yekini Bakare is a passionate scriptwriter, producer, and actor. He has produced over thirty movies and has appeared in many Yoruba and English Nollywood films.

Ibrahim produced over five movies before he got his first movie role. His nickname Itele was the title of his first movie production.

Although many know him as an actor, he started as a movie producer and acted in his films.

In 2000, Itele featured as a criminal in the Nollywood film Dapo Tori Ti E. He has starred in top Yoruba movies like Anini, Akoba, Aje Meta, Kesari, and more. He has collaborated with many prominent actors in the Nollywood circle.


Ibrahim Yekini net worth
Many do not know that he was a skilled boxer before his venture into Nollywood.

A close friend introduced him to boxing after he accompanied him to the gymnasium with him. He has always wanted to be a professional boxer. He has fought at many locations like Rowe Park on Lagos Island.

Ibrahim has fought in many tournaments and was doing well as a boxer. He fought in the ring, not the street. The politics played in boxing was discouraging, then he decided to try acting.

When he entered the Nollywood industry, he continued his boxing career. He never lost a fight as a boxer, but the pay discouraged him from following his passion. 

Personal Life

Ibrahim Yekini is happily married to Olayiwola Aminat Omowunmi. The duo got married in 2016 and has a beautiful child.

His wife is a makeup artist, beauty educator, and brand influencer.

When he is not working, Yekini spends time with his family. He is an avid lover of football. He watches football matches and feels very bad whenever his club, Chelsea F.C, loses.

Social media

Ibrahim Yekini is active on various social media handles. He posts about his work, lifestyle, and others. 

Yekini is also a brand influencer on his Instagram handle @iteledicon01.


Ibrahim Yekini actor
Ibrahim Yekini was the recipient of a Golden Stars Award in 2021.

The Lagos State-born actor Ibrahim Yekini, best known as Itele d Icon, is a recipient of many awards.

  • Best Actor at the BON Awards in 2019/2020
  • Best Movie (KESARI) at the City People Awards in 2019
  • Best Actor at the Golden Stars Award in 2021


  • Lucifer
  • Aleba
  • Owe Akalamagbo
  • Oloko Meta
  • Osunwon Mi
  • The Gardner
  • Oga Alani Ogidan
  • Apajuba
  • Anjola
  • Olutowo
  • President Kuti
  • Golden Boys
  • The Cokers
  • Kesari
  • Return of Kesari
  • Anini
  • Billionaire’s Daughters

Net Worth

Ibrahim Yekini attributes the comfortable lifestyle he enjoys to acting. 

In an interview, the actor says that all he has was from the proceeds of his movies and acting roles. He has an estimated net worth of US$300,000 as of 2022.

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