Dele Farotimi Biography: Everything About the Lagos-based Lawyer


Dele Farotimi (born 27 April 1968) is a Nigerian lawyer, author, and political activist. He is best known for his critical remarks on the corrupt system. He voices and writes to inspire and teach current and future generations.

Mr. Farotimi is a member of the Citizens’ Rally against Oppression. He has spent over two decades in legal practice. According to his website, Dele Farotimi retired in 2018.

In his opinion, the change we desire is achievable only if there is a total overhaul of the system.

Dele Farotimi
Dele Farotimi biography
Dele Farotimi is a Lagos State-based lawyer, author, and activist.
Quick Facts
Name:Dele Farotimi
Born:27 April 1968 (age 54 years old)
Ethnic group:Youruba
Alma mater:Lagos State University
Occupation:Lawyer, author, activist
Book:Do Not Die in Their Wars (2019)
Residence:Lagos State

Early Life

Dele Farotimi was born on 27 April 1968 to an average Nigerian family. He spent the formative days of his life in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State.

As an average student, he has an unsuccessful attempt at A’ Levels in Oyo town. 

His father threatened him with a mechanic workshop apprenticeship if he fails the WAEC exams. He sat for the West African Examination Council Exams and passed.


Dele attended primary and secondary schools in Oyo State, Nigeria. He studied at the prestigious Lagos State University.

In school, his spirit of activism was born. He contested and won the President of the Student Union in 1994/1995. In 1999, Dele Farotimi was called to bar.



Mr. Farotimi founded and launched the law firm Dele Farotimi & Co. He started as litigation counsel in notable law firms like Adesina Ogunlana & Co. 

Dele worked under prominent legal practitioners like K. O. Tinubu, B. R. Fashola, SAN, and Rasheed Oluwa.

In 2002, Dele launched his law firm Dele Farotimi & Co, now DF Legal. 

As a legal adviser, he has worked with many luminaries in real estate. He has also worked with prominent developers and mortgage institutions in Lagos State.


Dele Farotimi published the book Do Not Die in Their Wars in 2019. He highlighted the political trajectories of Nigeria. Also, he addressed the gravity of corruption in the system.


Mr. Dele has agitated for a new Nigeria through his writings and voice. He hopes for a country free from mental slavery, whose politicians love and not for their selfish interest or gain.

A country where the leaders are accountable and transparent. A Nigeria that will reclaim her position on the frontlines. Dele voices for the liberation of the people from the oppressive system.

Dele’s main aim of writing is to correct, inspire, teach, and educate the current and future generations.

Assassination Threat

Dele Farotimi profile
Dele Farotimi says he has petitioned the SSS and the Lagos State Police Command regarding an assassination threat from officials in the government.

The Lagos State-based human rights activist Mr. Dele Farotimi was active in the October 2020 #EndSARS protests. His disposition made many people unhappy.

In a press conference in Lagos on February 23, 2021, Dele claimed that some people allegedly working for the state threatened his life. He made these enemies for his disposition to the protests. 

According to the Lawyer, his support that the Lekki Toll Gate plaza should remain close during the investigation fueled the fire.

In the press conference, he says that some strong personalities in Lagos planned to assassinate him due to his comments. He says he had already petitioned the DSS and the Lagos State Police Command over the plan against him. 

Social media

Dele Farotimi has profiles on several social media platforms where he discusses the political issues of Nigeria. 

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